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            ABOUT US

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              Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited (Harbin Electric Machinery Works) founded in June 1951 is the key enterprise producing large and medium type power generating equipment in China. The main business scope covers the design, manufacture, supervision, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, upgrade and retrofit of hydro-turbine, hydro-generator, turbo-generator, controlling equipment for power station, sliding bearing and new energy products.

            MAIN PRODUCTS

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            • Hydro Turbine
            • Hydro-Generator
            • Turbo-Generator
            • New Energy and
              New Products

            Hydro Turbine

            The types of hydro turbines HEC produced include: Francis, Kaplan, Bulb, Pump-Storage, Pelton, Deriaz, and Huge Pump. The max dia of runner for Francis turbine is 10.44m, the max output of Francis turbine is 812MW and the max dia of runner for Kaplan turbine is 10.4m...【MORE】


            The rated power of hydro-generator produced by HEC ranges from 0.8MW to 800MW. Sorted by the types of cooling mode, the generators include: stator and rotor cooled by internal water, stator winding cooled by internal water and rotor winding /core cooled by air...【MORE】


            HEC possesses the whole series of turbo-generator products ranging from 3MW to 1100MW class, including turbo-generator of new air cooling series, full hydrogen cooling series, dual internal water cooling series and water-hydrogen cooling series, gas turbine generators and short-circuit generators...【MORE】

            New Energy and New Products

            HEC implements a three-in-one operation mode of R&D, production and marketing, actively expands new fields and new industrial markets. HEC has made great achievement in the field of large pumps and high-end pumps, high-speed generators for small and medium-sized gas turbines...【MORE】


              Founded in 1951, Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited(HEC), has been shouldering the historical mission of the revitalization of national industry since the first day of its birth. As the “eldest son” of the republic, unwaveringly adhering to Party’s leadership, consistently pursuing the goal of making the company stronger, better and larger, insisting on the spirit of “maintain a sustainable and power momentum”...【MORE】

            AT YOUR SERVICE

            • ADD:No.99 Sandadongli Road,Xiangfang District, Harbin,China.
            • TEL:+86-0451-82872573
            • FAX:+86-0451-82102630
            • E-mail:fyt@hec-china.com